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About Us

Challenger Sports Association (CSAHK) was founded by players from the Hong Kong Ice Hockey team to support athletes in the local sports community.

At CSAHK, our goal is to empower athletes of all levels to achieve their full potential through our sports programs. Our experienced team, who have extensive playing and coaching backgrounds, design programs that prioritize skill enhancement, technique refinement, and overall athletic development.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth of Hong Kong’s sports community by providing a supportive environment where athletes can excel and achieve their goals. Our commitment is centered around contributing to the long-term success of athlete’s sport development.

Our Team

Linus Lo

Linus has played in North American leagues such as the NAHL and WSHL, representing Hong Kong from the Junior team to the Senior Men’s team.

He also contributes as a assistant coach, specifically working with the U18 HK Ice Hockey Team, helping to develop young athletes in Hong Kong.

Additionally, Linus oversees the sport programs, ensuring they effectively support athletes in pursuing their development goals and getting their full potential.

Chi lok Lau

With more than a decade of experience, Chi Lok has been actively involved in ice hockey in Hong Kong, progressing from the U16 team to the Men’s SR team. His firsthand involvement in the sport’s development fuels his dedication to giving back to ice hockey.

Assuming the role of operations management and providing valuable assistance in ensuring the smooth functioning of these programs, as well as fostering the growth and success of athletes under CSA sports programs.

Jeffrey Tai

Jeffrey’s versatility is evident in his proficiency in both ice hockey and inline hockey, having played at various levels from U16 to the men’s team.

His deep understanding of sport science contributes to the enhancement of training programs, optimizing the development of players.

Furthermore, Jeffrey’s exceptional coaching abilities empower aspiring hockey players, while his undeniable passion for the sport leaves a lasting impression within the ice hockey community.

Bob Ngan

Bob is a highly skilled player who has honed his abilities in both Hong Kong and the UK over the years.

His expertise lies in stickhandling and shooting techniques, making him a valuable coach for players looking to maximize their skills on the ice.

With his sharp attention to detail and knack for breaking down complex skills into manageable steps, Bob is dedicated to helping aspiring athletes reach their full potential.

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