Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey Training Programs

We offer different training programs designed to help ice hockey players of all levels develop their individual skills and game knowledge.

Ice Training

Our Ice Training Program is designed to build a strong foundation and enhance players’ skills. It provides a game-like environment for players of all levels to experience ice hockey and develop the necessary skills to progress to higher levels of competition.

Our program is suitable for players of all levels, and we offer a safe and controlled environment for skill development. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping each player reach their full potential.

Synthetic Ice Training

Synthetic Ice training opens up ice hockey athletes to many more training opportunities that one may not get with real ice.

With ice time being so expensive and limited in Hong Kong, synthetic ice is a cost-friendly and flexible alternative to practice ice hockey and hone in specific skills for your own needs with a tailored training program.This way the players can work with more convenient time slots and get the most out of their practice time.

Ice Hockey Treadmill training

Improve your stamina, refine your skating techniques, and master stickhandling and shooting in stride.

This program is designed for all skill levels and offers personalized feedback on skating and stickhandling form. Experience targeted conditioning and hand-eye drills to enhance your skills and gain confidence with the puck while in motion.

Ice Hockey Experience

Ice hockey experience that aims to provide a safe and accessible introduction to this exhilarating sport. The experience consists of two sections: Stick Skill Class and Full Experience Package.

By joining this experience, you will gain a deeper understanding of what is like to play ice hockey and generate a interest towards the sport.